JCC International Student Accounts

JCC International Student accounts

  • Convenient location to JCC’s Jamestown campus
  • Savings and checking accounts available
  • International wires available

Checking Account Basics

  • Free debit card with EMV Chip (JCC logo cards available!)
  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service fees
  • Free checks
  • Direct deposit
  • 24-hour online Home Banking
  • Mobile app
  • Free limited use of SCFCU ATMs; $1,000/ day
  • Apple/ Google/ Samsung Pay compatible
  • Notary Services

Quick Reference Guide

Debit Card Guide

Overdraft Services Consent Form

Joining is Easy!

  • Simply complete the application HERE to have your account started by one of our Southern Chautauqua FCU Member Services Representatives.
  • Find us at one of your JCC Orientations or come see us in person at our Jamestown location, just 2 blocks away from campus to complete your account opening process.
  • Please bring your JCC student ID, passport, Visa, proof of residency (whether this be your dorm assignment, or host family assignment), and $25 membership.
  • We ask that you provide us with a local campus life reference to help us get ahold of you if needed (found on your SCFCU application). This reference would NOT have any access to your account or funds.


As you plan to depart JCC:

  • As you plan to depart JCC:

    • To avoid any fees and/or forfeiture of your funds to New York State, please be diligent in notifying us when you plan to depart JCC.
      • Please notify us at least 30 days prior to your departure to start the account closing process. There has to be 30 days of no activity on your account before it can be fully closed.
      • Failure to do so may result in funds being left behind with no alternative method of getting them back to you.
    • If you plan to stay in the United States and would like to keep your account active here, please notify us of any address changes. We are more than happy to continue servicing your financial needs!


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