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Kids' Credit Union

Kids' Credit Union (KCU)

KCU Basics

  • Kids’ Credit Union is designed to grow as your child grows.
  • Each Kids’ Credit Union member is asked to work toward the savings goal for his/her current age/grade level
  • The savings year runs from July 1-June 30.
  • If the member meets his/her yearly savings goal, that exact amount is converted into a Share Certificate.
  • Share Certificates are issued in July and mature in December of the child’s graduation year.
  • Children who join KCU by 2nd grade and meet all savings goals will graduate with over $10,000.
  • Those who join earlier and meet all savings goals will likely have more than $10,000. 
  • There are deposit boxes at each school where KCU teaches lessons. A representative from SCFCU collects and records deposits weekly.
  • There could be advantages to withdrawing the proceeds before a child begins his/her senior year. Talk to a financial adviser to determine which strategy works best for your family. If you would like to opt-out early, please print and return the  Early Opt-Out form.
  • If your child/children are unable to meet their 6th-11th grade savings goal, there is a fallback savings goal of $500 that he/she can meet. The fall back CD of $500 will earn 5% interest. SCFCU wants to help KCU members contribute to their continued savings.

Joining is EASY

  • Children of all ages can join Kids’ Credit Union to begin saving.
  • If your child or a member of his/her family lives, works, worships or attends school in Chautauqua County, he/she is encouraged to join the Kids’ Credit Union.
  • Call 665-7000 or stop by any branch to open an account.

Why Save

  • Competitive dividend rates as high as 10% that never fall below 5%.
  • No monthly service fee.
  • No minimum deposit required.

Questions? Call Charlene Austin at (716) 665-7000 ext 2103.

KCU  Application& Brochure

Print application, complete and bring to any branch of SCFCU.

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168 E Fairmount Ave
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