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Switch Kit

Switching is Easy

At Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union, we pride  ourselves on being a resource to the community and our members.  We have put together a Switch Kit to make  this process as simple as possible.

Switch Kit Checklist

  • Make sure all checks have cleared your previous  checking account.
  • Gather information from your old checking  account. (Any companies that automatically debit your account, memberships,  bills that you will want to switch over etc.)
  • Send written notice to your direct deposit vendors. (Use Direct Deposit Authorization)
  • Send written notice to your vendors who take  payments directly from your checking account such as insurance companies,  utilities etc.  (Use Automatic Payment Transfer Form)
  • Keep copies of all forms for your records.
  • Send written notice to your previous financial  institution of your intention to close your accounts. (Use Existing Account Closure Form)

Switch Kit Forms

Call us at (716) 665-7000 if you  have any questions or problems regarding your switch to Southern Chautauqua  FCU. We’re here to help! We are a full service financial institution, and we want to be your financial partner.


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Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union is committed to providing its members with the professional financial services they have come to expect. It will use its resources wisely and be held accountable to its members.